Sunday, November 22, 2015

Remembering Poet Doug Draime

I wanted to take a moment to remember poet Doug Draime, as he passed away last week. I found out through John Bennett's Shard email list, after Doug's wife alerted him. Doug had sent me a dozen or so poems over the last couple of years, of which I posted a few on my other website, Dear Dirty America.

credit: Outlaw Poetry
Doug's poetry was often considered hard-hitting stuff about the streets, poverty, income disparity in America, and he often tackled political and social problems with a hatred for hypocrisy and elitism.

Draime's ebook, Speed of Light can be found online for free. It's worth checking out.

Here's one of his poems that he sent me. It's a good beginning to Draime's work.

Question Everything

Question this poem
and the publication
    it is appearing in.
      Question every moment
inside your ever changing cage. Now, is the
         release of your age old
                         servitude. Question the
ghosts of shadows, that your past and
                 future parade before you like
monkeys in a barrel. Question the abstract
            projector of your mind.

Question every thought
of mind: of war and
                 conflict. Question greed and all political 
  thinking. Question every hint of fear
             and betrayal. Question all
                                                      things of form
and weight. Question intensely every shade and
  shape of ego. Question the Commander
                   & Chief of the ego, Death. Question it relentlessly
until you know the truth.
                   Now, is the release of your age old servitude. Question
           every stinking lie since the Big Bang.

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